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CMP will supply stainless steel for Russian Helicopters holding company

As stated in a recent statement to the press service of the company «Mechel», «Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant» (CMP) has committed itself to ensure the purchase order class of innovative stainless steel with high strength for the helicopter. Customer in this transaction is the holding company «Russian Helicopters».

Steels, which will be supplied by the above-mentioned contract is for the manufacture of individual components helicopter brand «Ka-226 (T).» This lightweight multipurpose helicopter designed for use in private and business traffic, as well as to participate in various special operations and rescue tasks. CMP Products previously held a number of technical tests and are now directed to the industrial production. In addition, the stainless steel of high strength «Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant» will be used for the manufacture of some parts of reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 «Alligator». In the future production capacity of the holding «Russian Helicopters» it is also planned to use an innovative class of stainless steel in the manufacture of «Mi» series of flying machines.

«Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant» is part of Russia's largest steel and mining company «Mechel» (operates under the management of OOO «Mechel-Steel»). The factory is engaged in production of pig iron, rolled steel and semi-finished products of carbon, special and stainless steel. The company is included in the list of the few organizations in Russia who are allowed to assign their own product code (in this case — it is letters «ES» (Chelyabinsk steel)). To date, the CMP is made of more than 130 brands of alloys with such a distinction.

Stainless metal «Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant» is the leader in the Russian steel industry. This product is widely used not only in the helicopter, but also in nuclear power engineering, mechanical engineering, rolling production, the manufacture of medical devices and equipment of many other goods and technology. To date, the plant supplies its corrosion-proof hire a large number of large enterprises, not only in Russia but also worldwide.

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