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Boliden reduces the production of copper

The Swedish company «Boliden», working in the mining industry, copper production decreased (compared with the same time interval in 2012) to 12% in the first half of this year. The current rate of the enterprise production for the abovementioned period on this resource fell to 146.2 ths. Tons, while in the first half of 2012 this figure amounted to 166.3 thous. Tons.

The press service of the concern noted that production at all plants «Boliden» (except the plant «Bergsoe») has been reduced in view of the production assets to the corporation planned measures on maintenance of equipment. At the same time a complete cessation of work on the largest factory in Ronnskare caused a significant reduction in the volume of raw materials processing and metal manufacturing, not only in comparison with the previous year, but in comparison with the first quarter of 2013. Despite the partial recovery of operation of all units of the structure, the Swedish group and now there are problems associated with the instability of the production processes.

Recall that a little over a year ago, the company «Boliden» reported a marked increase in production volumes on certain metals. So, in 2011 (compared with 2010) edition of the copper on the corporation's assets increased by 10.7% (to the level of 335.771 ths. Tons), while zinc output increased by 0.9% (up to 460.552 thousand. Tons). It is noteworthy that while lead production in the year before the company fell by almost a third, down to the level of 11.43 ths. Tons.

Concern «Boliden» — is the largest ore mining and processing of nonferrous metals company in Europe. Major power plants are located in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Ireland. The basis of the range of corporations are copper, zinc and lead, and complement its range of tin, silver and gold. Among other things, in the range of concern «Boliden» the presence of sulfuric acid and aluminum fluoride.

The property Swedish concern is the largest zinc assets in Europe (he is — one of the 10 largest metal deposits in the world) — Tara mine, located in the vicinity of the Irish town of Navan. Finnish plant «Kokkola» (also included in the group «Boliden's» company) — is the second largest in Europe and fifth in size in the world enterprise that produces zinc for galvanizing a thin sheet steel. It is also widely known for another Finnish asset corporations — a large plant «Haryavalty», specializing in the production of copper cathodes. Equally well-known enterprises of the concern in the world are located in Sweden itself. Among them — the plant «Bergsöe» (lead production), which ranks fourth among European companies in this market segment, as well as old Swedish mine «Garpenberg» (here produced zinc, lead and silver).

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