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In the month of May increased copper production in Chile

As can be seen from the recent statistical reports, revenue from export sales of copper from Chile in May 2013 increased in comparison with the same period last year, almost 14% — up to 3.67 billion US dollars in absolute terms… In May 2012, the figure was 3.23 billion. Dollars. However, in general, since the beginning of 2013, the income from such transactions remained at the previous level — 16.6 billion dollars (compared with January-May 2012).

With regard to the volume of copper output in Chile, the last year in comparison to 2011, they increased by 3%. Approximately the same rate of growth continued into the beginning of the year (in February 2013 the figure rose by 2.8% from the data for the same month in 2012). During this period, the red metal more than 420 thousand. Tonnes were produced in the country. It is noteworthy that for the entire 2012 enterprise Chile produced about 5.5 mln. Tons of resources. But, according to Alberto Salas, head of the «Sonami» large Chilean holding company, this year, the country's producers planned to exceed the figure of 5.8 mln. Tons. And the local market analysts share his optimistic expectations.

The record over the past few years for copper exporters in Chile began in December last year. Revenue for the month totaled about $ 4.7 billion, it is 11% of total revenue -. 42.723 billion dollars in 2012… The production of copper has decreased by almost 2% in December 2012, compared to the same period in 2011, and it was a little more than 513 thousand. Tonnes.

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