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Stainless steel tubes gave rise to trade battles EU and China

As recently announced, the European Union calls on the People's Republic of China (which is a partner of the EU on the World Trade Organization) exempt from customs duties exported products to China several European manufacturers of stainless steel pipe. It is a box, which is issued by the German company «Salzgitter AG» and the Spanish corporation «Tubacex SA», which specialize in the manufacture of seamless stainless steel pipes and are regular suppliers of goods to the buyer of the Chinese market.

Official application of the above-mentioned case EU representatives are planning to send to the authorities of China later this month. Experts believe that this measure will serve as a warning sign to the Chinese leadership the firm intention of the European Union of any legitimate action to resist the attempts of China unreasonably inflate the value of the products produced in the EU, while its import into the territory of China.

It claimed the decision was made in response to the investigation of the Chinese authorities about the allegedly undervalued prices delivered to China spirits. And this measure, according to some commentators, the conflict served as continuation of the history of the EU anti-dumping measures in relation to solar cells that are exported by China.

Meanwhile, the rules of the World Trade Organisation banned the participants (and among them — as mentioned above — both sides) to apply such measures as «revenge.» On the contrary, before the introduction of any customs restrictions and tariffs, WTO members must prove that without the sanction of the country's economy will suffer significant damage. Apparently, for this reason, or the European Union or in China, the case concerning stainless steel products, is not officially associated with the proceedings in respect of European wines and Chinese solar panels.

EU officials believe that the settlement of disputes between WTO members, the Commission, which will consider the import of seamless stainless steel pipes in China, will take prime groundless and subject to cancellation will be recognized for the trial decision initiators and duties of the PRC. Self-righteousness they betray a recent precedent: this winter, the European Union was the winner in a similar dispute (then question concerned the duties imposed by China on the X-ray equipment from the EU).

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