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Fire on the production of titanium, VSMPO-AVISMA not entail severe consequences

The management of JSC «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» — a leading player in the global titanium market — reported: fire that occurred the other day in one of the shops of the company, would not entail serious consequences. According to the organization, as a result of the incident injured at work there is no threat of serious deviations from the schedule of production plans is missing, irreplaceable losses of equipment that can significantly complicate the operation of the affected units, the fire did not cause.


A few days ago one of the companies forced to titanium corporation ceased operation of the equipment as a result of the accident. As they say in a statement management, the day state of emergency in the melting shop number 37 happened fire control room press force of 2.5 tons, which caused production to stop. However, according to the company, the plant will be able to settle the consequences of the fire on their own, without the involvement of outside help. However, at the moment the date of re-starting equipment is not defined. «In the press, which the management has suffered from the fire, made of titanium rods. This is an important part of the units of production, because the company's employees are making every effort to reduce the risk of violations of the production schedule, «- commented on the event by representatives of» Avisma «. «The material loss is planned to cover the due insurance payments (at the moment the insurer is LLC» Renaissance Insurance Group «, which entered into a contract of insurance» against all risks «)» — share plans to resolve the situation of the enterprise managers «In addition, the other day was. determined by the commission to investigate the causes of fire in the shop number 37. So today we can safely say that the situation in the production of a fully controlled and every effort is made to minimize the consequences of the accident, «- concluded the representatives of the top management of the titanium corporation.

JSC «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» (Russian Federation, the city of Verkhnyaya Salda) — the world's leading manufacturer of titanium, as well as an influential player in the Russian industry production of aluminum and nickel alloys. The company owns a unique base of titanium producing companies with a complete production cycle: from the primary processing of raw materials to the manufacture of finished parts, components and products. For export is more than 70% of products corporation.

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