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American plant primary aluminum Sebree changed hands

The company «Century Aluminum» (USA) — one of the 10 largest aluminum producers in the world — announced the closing of the transaction with the «Rio Tinto Alcan» (Australian-British joint venture), which resulted in the plant «Sebree» (Henderson County, Kentucky) has officially a change of ownership. The new owner of the asset has become one of the subsidiaries of American corporations. «We sincerely welcome in a friendly team of staff» Sebree «plant, the professionalism that we know not by hearsay," — commented the head of the «Century Aluminum» — Michael Bless. «We are confident in the difficult situation that has developed today in the global aluminum market, joining the assets of our company this powerful enterprise help us to achieve new results in the fight for the safety and improvement of product quality, which is certainly a positive impact on the overall competitiveness Corporation «- added the president» Century Aluminum «.

The plant «Sebree» — a company specializing in the production of primary aluminum. The plant is able to supply the market annually more than 200 thousand. Metric tons of «winged metal», which is involved in the production of about 500 people. The plant is the largest company in the region and provides an annual revenue at $ 4 million.

Power «Sebree» were put into operation in 1973. One indicator of the effectiveness of management at the aluminum plant — more than 3 million hours of work of the enterprise without incident. Not far away (about 95 km from the plant) is another industrial asset «Century Aluminum» — Metallurgical Plant «Hawesville». Group Management expects that the management of these companies (now working in a single structure) will find a way to join forces in the fight for prosperity «Century Aluminum» and will actively share their experiences to achieve better production results.

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