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Norilsk Nickel's shareholders decided to pay dividends for 2012

At a meeting of shareholders of MMC «Norilsk Nickel» at the end of 2012, held last Thursday, participants in the event approved the consolidated financial statements of the company, and decided to pay dividends. Based on the voting results, the amount of deductions for each share will be 400.83 rubles (a total of MMC will pay to shareholders — as implied December agreement between the Majority — about 2 billion dollars.). In addition, at the meeting it was decided to reduce the authorized capital of the organization at 8.08%, it was approved by the Audit Committee and approved by the company's auditors list.

By making decisions mentioned above, a meeting of the Board of directors of «Norilsk nickel», where participants voted for the candidacy of heads of major corporations committees. Key positions were distributed as follows: G. Penny — Head of the Board; A. Bugrov — his deputy; Mr. Prinsloo — The head of the Audit Committee; M. Sokov — Head of the Committee for the Strategy; S. Bratukhin — Head of the Corporate Governance Committee, Personnel and Remuneration; A. Bashkirov — Head of the Budget Committee.

As part of the meetings held in the last week, to the owners and managers of MMC was Vladimir Potanin, the incumbent CEO. The head of «Norilsk nickel» outlined the organization's strategic objectives, and identified a number of measures aimed at the implementation of the terms of the agreement between the «Interros», «Russian Aluminum» and «of Millhouse» Roman Abramovich, concluded last December. In particular, according to Mr. Potanin, the escrow account will be created for the settlement of the relations between the owners, the owners of which will transfer 1/5 of the securities of MMC. This fund will be kept shares owned by «Interross» and «Rusal» (7.5%), as well as 5% of the assets of «Crispian Investments Ltd.» Property (ode of the structures Abramovich). At default of participants obligations, penalties will be provided for them, «the intruder» agreements would lose between 10% and 20% stake in MMC in the account, which will be distributed between the other two parties to the agreement. The head of «Norilsk Nickel» stressed that in fact there are some difficulties (for example, the fact that the shares of «Rusal», participating in the transaction, at the moment are in the mortgage loan at the «Savings Bank»). «The release of these assets, of course, will take time, however, this procedure is not as complex as it might seem at first sight» — said the head of the nickel corporation.

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