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Zambia plans to increase production of copper

The Government of Zambia is planning to increase production of copper products with high added value. «Today our country is a powerful exporter of copper ore. If we review the priorities of the state in favor of the production of this raw material products more highly processed, Zambia will receive new jobs and additional financial contributions to the economic development of the republic, «- said the head of the Ministry of mining, energy sector and development of water resources of the country — Yamfva Mukanga (Yamfwa Mukanga) at a recent briefing with the media. «As part of the increase in copper production program we expect by 2015 to produce 1.1 million tons of metal.; this Zambian government plans to almost 65% increase electricity power stations on the territory of the state — from the current 220 MW to 360 MW of project «- the minister added. «This stage of our plans, we hope to complete as early as next year," — concluded his speech to reporters representative of the Zambian government.

Zambia — one of many East African countries, whose main minerals — copper (here goes the famous «Copper Belt» of Africa), zinc, cobalt, lead, nickel, and uranium, precious metals (gold and silver), emeralds, and coal — georazvedchikami were discovered in the late XIX century. Today the lion's share of revenue the state brings the export of copper ore, uranium, nickel and cobalt, most of whom buy China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and some European countries.

Earlier it was reported that last year the facilities located on the territory of Zambia produced 824.98 thousand. Tons of copper. However, the current government of the Republic believes the official statistics on the volume of metal production in the country incomplete, since, according to the authorities, the operators of the local market of non-ferrous metals deliberately distort information about the number of mined and processed ore, trying, thus, reduce their tax deductions from the resulting owned enterprises' profits.

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