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The IAI estimated production of aluminum in the past month

Specialists of «International Aluminium Institute» (IAI) estimated production of aluminum in the world over the past month. According to their reports, during this period were produced 3.795 million. Metric tons of «winged metal» that, based on the daily production volume of 126.5 thous. Tons. This figure is only slightly (by 0.4%) more than in March, when the global market has received 126 thousand. Tons of aluminum. «In April, many states (including — the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, South America, Oceania and Asia, excluding China) reduced the rate of production. However, the largest producer of the metal — China — and some countries with much lower production rates, despite the presence of excess resources in the warehouses of trading platforms, demonstrated in this regard the positive dynamics «- commented on the statistics for the past month, market analysts nonferrous metals.

The detailed report IAI stated that in April 2013, all countries except China, produced 2.088 billion. Tons of aluminum, which, when divided by the number of days in April, gives daily volume at 69.6 thous. Tons. This is 0.4% less than last year for a similar period, and 0.7% less than the March production.

Chinese industrialists also made last month, 1.707 million tons of aluminum (it's almost 45% of world production of the metal level), and the average daily volume of the resource issue in the country amounted to 56.9 thous. Tons. This figure is more than the March figures China 1.7%, and exceeds last year's figures by 11.5% on April.

Over the entire period from the beginning of the year all countries (including China) produced 15.32 million. Tons of aluminum, which is 4.5% more than during the same time period a year earlier. The key role in the growth of production volumes of metal during this time played it was Chinese producers share (excluding the amount of metal «Made in China» dynamics in terms of global production would be negative and amounted to 8.39 million tons, up 1.4% less than in January-April 2012).

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