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Russian producers of non-ferrous metals is focused on products with high added value

Enterprises of the Russian non-ferrous metallurgy heading for the production of products with high added value. On this, according to local journalists market experts are referring to the quarterly report of the Federal Service of State Statistics.

«In the period from January to April (inclusive) of domestic companies produced magnesium by 1.1% less compared to last year data for this metal for the same length of time» — quoted by analysts Rosstat. «The amount set in the copper market declined by 2.2%, zinc — by 5.6%. Even more radical (and not in favor of this year) are different figures on volumes of Russian producers of primary aluminum — minus 7.7% of the figures for the I quarter in 2012. Also «suffered» indicators of nickel (minus 8.4% of the data of the previous year) and lead (-26.8%), «- leads statistics experts colored metals. «In parallel with these events Rosstat notes the increase of volumes of manufacture products more highly processed — most types of rolled above the CM. In particular, in the first quarter of 2013, «gained momentum» production of magnesium alloys, showing an increase of 22% to the figures of 2012. Also demonstrated positive dynamics Russian capacity to produce aluminum rolled products (flat — + 7.3%, profiles and rods — + 11.6%, foils — almost 19% more than last year's data) and local companies specializing in the rental of copper (foil — plus 4,5%, copper wire — plus 8,8%, and the profile of the red metal rods — plus 16% to last year's figures). This statistic demonstrates the desire of local players in the market of non-ferrous metals to focus on the release of products with higher added value. This is a logical step, traditionally undertaken by management of metallurgical enterprises seeking to integrate vertically, to preserve the financial balance of the company at the highest level over the break-even point in the «difficult» times to market «- analysts conclude.

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