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The new owners of VSMPO preparing to acquire a further 10% titanium monopoly

The new owners of 50 per cent stake in the corporation «VSMPO-Avisma» preparing to buy out another 10% of the securities titanium monopoly. It is on the second half of May is scheduled ads offer to buy out minority shareholders of another part of the corporation's assets, which the owners of VSMPO plans to implement a two percent premium to the current stock valuations of securities (at the price of $ 187 US per unit — as for the first transaction). «The legislation does not prescribe us such action: we spend a ransom on a voluntary basis (to avoid potential claims from shareholders free circulation)," — commented on the event by representatives of the company titanium.

The offer to acquire shares free float, exposes the owners of the company, will be valid for one calendar month from the date of the official announcement of the beginning of the process of purchase of assets. «Of course, the difference between the market and stated in the transaction price is already not the same as in the autumn of last year (when the average cost of the shares of VSMPO was 161 USD against the proposed 187 USD), but the offer is still beneficial to the current owners of assets» — market experts say valuable papers.

Recall: the managers of the State Corporation «Russian Technologies» made the final decision to sell part of their stake in «Avisma» (45.42%) of its same group of managers in November 2012, when it was officially announced the deal. Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia approved the sale in February 2013, however the owner change process was completed only recently — at the end of last month. Then, the actual owner of the portfolio was the organization «Business Alliance Company», a quarter of which is owned by «Gazprombank» and the rest — the current «topam» Titanium Corporation.

Company «VSMPO-Avisma» — the largest operator of the global market of non-ferrous metals, which owns approximately 1/3 of the titanium produced in the world. Besides, the corporation manufactures large-sized workpiece and some kinds of production of aluminum alloy, and also produces semi-finished products of special steels.

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