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Norilsk Nickel summed up the first quarter

In the «Norilsk Nickel» Last week the Mining and Metallurgical Company has published reports on the volume of production of precious and base metals in the first quarter of 2013. According to these data, the company during the reporting period by 5% reduced the amount of nickel release (compared to the same period last year -. 72 thousand tons compared to last year's 76,000) and a 3% increase in copper production volume (less than 89 thousand tons in the past. year against 91 thousand. tons in the current). Concomitant platinum powers of organization in the first quarter of the year were produced 140 thousand troy ounces (which is 16% lower than in January-March 2012), and palladium — 588 the XPD (which is 9% less than during the same time period a year earlier) .

The detailed report of MMC is said that the main reasons for lower production rates of nickel in the I quarter were irregular supply of ore to the domestic smelting capacity of the corporation. In particular — the report says the company — to Kola MMC (main production asset of the organization) Raw materials are supplied in insufficient, which is why for the first three months of the year, the company produced a total of 56.5 thousand metric tonnes of nickel, which is 4% less than last year. indicators. However, despite the negative trend in terms of output in the I quarter by Russian units, the company believes that the promised earlier production figures for the main metals organization reach. «For the remainder of the year our local assets will be able to compensate for the slight shortage of the first three months of 2013, and previously scheduled milestone of 230 thousand tons of nickel per year (according to the Russian offices of corporation) will be taken.» — Commented the representatives of the «Norilsk Nickel».

Analysts noted: reduction of nickel production at MMC for the first quarter reflects the negative sentiment in the global market of non-ferrous metals and duplicate negative dynamics on the Russian demand for the metal abroad. According to the report of the Federal Customs Service of the country, for the first three months of 2013 over the state border were exported 52 thousand tons of nickel, which is almost 39% less than for the same period a year earlier. No less pessimistic situation and with copper: in I quarter of this year, Russia exported 34.8% of red metal is less than in the same period of 2012.

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