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Nadvoitsky aluminum plant will get its own source of energy

Nadvoitsky Aluminum Plant (NAZ), the owners of which have repeatedly raised the issue of the closure of the company due to loss of production, still remains among the existing facilities «Rusal». To NAE was «afloat», the company will have at its disposal and power plant will be reconstructed in the output of higher value. Conversion of the enterprise will cost the owners of 150 million euros that the plant as a loan will provide the Russian state corporation «Vnesheconombank».

Earlier it was reported that the leadership of «Rusal» negotiated with the authorities of Karelia (in the territory of which are located above the power of said aluminum plant) to revise the tariffs for electricity supplied to the organization. «Electricity costs» Naz «twice as much as most of the companies in Russia, which, in the light of recent developments in the aluminum market, does not leave the choice to us on the question of the continued existence of the plant. However, the company is a very important subject for the people of Nadvoicy, so we applied to the authorities of Karelia to review energy tariffs for Naz «- described the situation after the owner's representatives held a meeting in early April, General Director of» Rusal «Oleg Deripaska with the Head of the Republic Alexander Hudilaynenom. Then the question of the fate of the plant remained open, and representatives of the local authorities informed the press about the need to move the negotiations on the fate of the company to a higher level.

Recently, the discussion on Nadvoitsky aluminum plant continued at the highest level — it is connected to President R. F. Vladimir Putin, as well as representatives of «Gazprom», «Rosset» and «Federal Grid Company». As a result, this has worked out a strategy to save the company, according to which «Rusal» will get for their needs Onda HPP (which will minimize costs «Naz» for energy), and — without reducing the current aluminum production at the plant — will establish on it the release of 35 thousand. tons of high value added products — powder and aluminum foil.

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