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The largest copper producer in Kazakhstan is increasing production

The largest copper producer in Kazakhstan — the company «Kazakhmys» — increasing the volume of production of the red metal. According to recently published corporate reports for the first 3 months of this year, the company produced 79.7 thousand. Tons of enriched copper ores and 72.8 thous. Tons of copper cathode. Thus, his last year's results for the same period (71.5 thous. Tons and concentrate a little more than 65 thousand. Tons refined metal) «Kazakhmys» has improved by an average of 11.65%.

Also in the copper company listed reports that the amount of zinc produced in the organization of capacity in the first quarter of 2013 compared with last year's figures also increased, but the difference between the indices is insignificant and is less than 1% (32 thous. Tons in the current year to 31, 75 thous. in the past). But data on silver «Kazakhmys» 2012 were improved by as much as 20%, which is not the second companion copper mining precious metals — gold, whose production declined by more than 17%.

«Kazakhmys» — Kazakhstan company with headquarters in London (United Kingdom) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) — was founded in 1930. Today the organization produces about 90% of the total amount of copper in Kazakhstan and is one of the world's largest red metal market operators. Probable reserves of copper ore that lies in the depths of 17 open pit and underground mines, owned by the corporation, are about 2 billion tons; proven deposits — about 700 million. The company, whose staff includes more than 60 thousand. Employees, is listed securities on the London Stock Exchange and listed on the Kazakhstan and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. Last year «Kazakhmys» revenues increased by more than a third, reaching 3,353 mln. US dollars. 292 thousand were produced at the company's facilities. Tonnes of copper cathode production from own ore (this year it is planned to release 285−295 thousand tons of this production), 152 thous. Tonnes of zinc in concentrate, 129 thous. Ounces of gold and 12, 6 million. Oz silver.

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