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Kola MMC updates the equipment for processing of copper-nickel ores

MMC «Kola» continues to implement a program to upgrade the equipment involved in the processing of copper-nickel ore and produce non-ferrous metals. The company's management informs that only for the I quarter of this year, the company has acquired more than 90 units of various components, assemblies and machines to upgrade the nickel production, which cost the company at 214 million rubles. This management «Kola» does not plan to stop there: all in 2013 to upgrade its fleet of equipment and machinery MMC direct investment of 1.2 billion rubles.

The detailed report on the representatives of «Kola» clarify: since the beginning of the company's divisions had to report on a number of significant changes to production tooling. Including — the installation of on line electrolysis nickel baths of the new polymer, for the acquisition of an underground mine «Northern» locomotive, the modernization of equipment in the shop refining raw materials. In addition, in March at the processing plant was installed MMC new two-piece type spiral classifier is designed for the separation of copper-nickel ore on fractions and density. In April — completed upgrade of fuel burning units boilers CHP «Kola» and started work on the improvement of combined heat and power boilers GM-50. And later this month, installation teams working in the smelter company, reported on the completion of the construction of a new platform for molds for pourable copper-nickel matte. Because of this, we will be able to accommodate casters 42 forms to produce ingots in one place (before the mold placed on three fields of casting, which complicated the manufacturing process). Also in the report of the company mentioned that in addition to major improvements, «Kola» unit made a number of minor upgrades.

MMC «Kola» — one of the divisions of the company «Norilsk Nickel», mainly specializing in the production of nickel ore, copper, cobalt, and produces several types of products from these resources (including — electrolytic copper and nickel carbonyl powder and shot, as well as metal concentrates).

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