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Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant sums up

At JSC «CZP» (Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant) summed up the results of the company for the first quarter of 2013. According to the reports, published by the press center campaign, zinc production and zinc alloys in the facilities of the organization in the reporting period amounted to 41.88 ths. Tons, which is 5% more than in the similar period last year. It is noted that among the customers of «CZP» significantly increased the proportion of domestic companies, if in the first three months of last year, just over 61% produced in the Chelyabinsk zinc plant was sent to the Russian domestic market, in the current year, local customers have purchased more than 75% metal tapped winding.

OJSC «Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant» — the largest zinc producer in the Russian Federation (with a share of about 60%) and one of the most influential players in the global zinc market (with a share of about 2%). The company's main products — ultra-zinc (Special High Grade) with a metal content of not less than 99.99% and its alloys. In addition, the plant produces cadmium, indium, zinc sulfate and sulfuric acid. The design capacity «CZP» — 200 thousand tons of zinc per year, and the organization is full of Metal manufacturing cycle: from extraction and enrichment of ore — up to the melting of the final products of zinc. The plant was commissioned in 1935, and its current ownership took shape in 1993. Until the autumn of 2009, the company belonged to the assets of the Russian metallurgical group «ChTPZ», and after the owner of the zinc plant (through the organization «NF Holdings BV») became JSC «Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company» Iskander Makhmudov.

Earlier it was reported that at the time of summing up to «CZP» in the global non-ferrous metals market, zinc was presented in considerable excess. In particular, in the last month of the first quarter (according to the World Bureau of Metal Statistics Statistics) world metal production totaled 2.118 million tons, and consumption volumes -. 1,980 million tons… Thus, in March of surplus resources amounted to about 138 thousand. Tons, which is comparable with the figures for the whole of excess metal in 2012 (for which it was produced only 139.5 thousand. Tons of «excess» of zinc).

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