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In Pervomaisky resumed production of rare earth metals

In the small town of Pervomaysk (Russia, Shilkinsky district) at the local GOK «Zabaykalsky» resumes the previously suspended processing of ores of rare metals. «This is mine for PGT Pervomajskij city main, and resuscitation of production on it — the most important stage in the process of the return of nearby communities to the economic well-being» — commented on the news the representatives of the regional administration.

According to managers GOK «Zabaykalsky», now the company is preparing to launch a line. In particular, the crushing plant equipment is ready to receive raw materials and its supply contract with «Ermakovskoe» signed fields. «Now debugged additional capacity concentrator, configured equipment flotation plant, carried out pre-start inspection at other sites of the enterprise» — commented on the progress of work on the GOK project managers.

Combine «Transbaikalia» — the oldest enterprise in the region, formed in winter 1937. At the end of the 90-ies on the GOK facilities annually produce about 4 tons of beryllium and about 6,000 tons of tin ore concentrates, about 10 thousand. Tonnes of tantalum and niobium enriched ores, about 80 thousand. Tonnes of lithium concentrate and other resources category of rare and rare earth metals and elements. With the fall in world prices for these products, the extraction of resources at the plant was suspended, and power — are preserved.

Today Russia is 90% of rare metals (in fact, like most countries in the world) purchases in China, but currently the Russian government level addressed the issue of the production of resuscitation in the industry and the establishment of strategic reserves of these little common, but important (necessary for the use of modern technologies) resources.

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