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Ukrainian companies reduce ferroalloys

According to the statistics of the last month, Ukrainian ferroalloy producers are still (as well as on the results of January) release of products is less than last year. At the same trends in terms of the volume of deliveries of the product on the market demonstrate a bright negative trend. Since last year the number of ferroalloys produced by Ukrainian companies amounted to 1.03 million tonnes (average figure -. More than 83 thousand tons)., Which is 13.8% less than the results of 2011. And in January, the backlog from last year's figures for the same period showed a 19% -ing the difference (58.7 thous. Tons in the first month of the year instead of 72,500 in January last). And finally, in February Ukrainian company produced only 54 800 tonnes of ferroalloys, that the outcome of the entire period from the beginning of the year shows 24% solution (from last year's figures for the same time) decline in production in the sector. In addition, in the country for the above period significantly reduced the volume of international trade ferroalloys. According to the State Customs Service of Ukraine, export of ferroalloys in January and February decreased by 16.6% and imports — by 41.2% (both — in monetary terms).

In parallel with the publication of statistics pessimistic in terms of production of ferroalloys in Ukraine, specialized media reports and statements diametrically opposed sentiments of global market. In particular, representatives of the Chinese iron and steel industry point out that the cost of the basic supplements began to grow on the international trading floors at the end of last year, and this trend will — according to analysts — continues today. «In view of the stable positive trends in the prices of ferro-alloys, manufacturers of this product category in China steadily increasing volumes of production. For example, the February production figures alloys for deoxidation and alloying of steel increased in our country (in comparison with last year for the same month) at 18.2%, «- commented on the current situation in the sector of Chinese market participants.

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