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The Turkish government approves anti-dumping duty on stainless pipe from Asia

The Turkish government decided on the size of the anti-dumping tax on pipe round and rectangular stainless steel imported into the territory of the state of the PRC and Taiwan. In particular, the additional import duties for rental suppliers from these countries has been appointed for the goods, the relevant customs codes 7306., 7306. and 7306.

Proper investigation of the Ministry of Economy of Turkey, which controls the import of foreign goods issues in the country, was launched in April last year at the urging of a local producer of stainless steel tubes and profiles — holding «Borusan Paslanmaz Boru». After a number of provisions in such cases the activities, the agency decided that the domestic producers of goods listed above items really need to be protected from unfair competition, and introduced additional price premiums dumping importers.

So for steel Chinese company «Foshan Vinmay Stainless Steel» size of the new import duty will be 13.82% of the value of the goods. For the second major supplier of stainless steel tube of this country — the company «Foshan Nanhai Qiuxun Stainless Steel Product» — will be charged an additional customs duty at the rate of 25.27%. A similar tax will be charged and the other importers of China for the production of the above categories.

As for the stainless steel tubes and profiles of the Taiwan production, for the production of the companies «Froch Enterprise» and «YC Inox», imported to Turkey, will be charged an additional surcharge of 7.98% of the rental cost. The rest of the delivery of goods from Taiwan this category will be subject to anti-dumping tax of 14.65% of the contract price.

«The Turkish steel industry, as well as industry representatives from the rest of the world, is going through a difficult time. We hope that the introduction of anti-dumping duties on products of some manufacturers of stainless steel will help stabilize the situation in the Turkish steel market and will enable local companies to survive the period of economic difficulties with minimal stress, «- commented on the introduction of an additional tax on imported pipe rolling representatives of the Turkish Iron and Steel business.

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