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Russian aluminum plant upgrades Irish

OK «Rusal» («United Company Russian Aluminum»), proceeds to the next phase of modernization of the equipment «Aughinish Alumina» Plant (Ireland), in which the corporation produces alumina for further processing in the «winged» metal. This is the replacement of existing plant steam generators running on fuel oil, for gas counterparts. «At this time, for the implementation of the plans of the company will need about 15 million euros, but these costs are compensated quickly: the price of» blue fuel «needed to produce a ton of alumina, much less than the cost of fuel oil consumed for the same purpose» old «equipment. Therefore, modernization of boiler will pay for itself in less than a year «- commented news affiliated with» Russian Aluminum «.

In addition to economic impact — say engineers «Rusal» — conversion of power «Aughinish» aluminum plant will allow the company to significantly reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In particular, after the replacement of oil-fired steam generators with gas, Plant to zero would reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide by 40% will reduce the figures for non-utilized the formation of nitrogen compounds, a third — the waste in the form of solid particles and 5% will reduce the release of greenhouse gases.

«Aughinish Alumina» (Oginish Island, Ireland) — the largest plant for the processing of bauxite in Europe and the biggest asset «Rusal» to supply alumina. Its annual capacity of 1.99 million. Tons of raw materials for the production of aluminum a year. Today, this plant, which uses the method of Bayer and receiving energy from its own power plants, is one of the most efficient enterprises in its class in the world. «At the moment, the plant operates five steam generating units, three of which are still running on fuel oil. After replacing their counterparts on the gas from the Swiss company «Foster Wheeler AG», the production of alumina in the «Aughinish Alumina» will reach a new level of profitability that the current position of the aluminum industry — an important trump card in the competition «- say representatives of» Rusal «.

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