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Norway is preparing for the launch of innovative, cost-effective aluminum production

Norwegian players are preparing for the metallurgical sector aluminum producer new, more cost-effective manner. In particular, the development in this direction is a conglomerate «Norsk Hydro ASA» — one of the five world leaders of metal «winged» in production volume. «Now, innovative technology extends run-in, and if everything goes as we planned, the plant, which is tested method would be the most economical production of aluminum in the world» — said on the official website of the Norwegian metallurgical giant.

Commercial secrets for new aluminum production methods management «Norsk Hydro» does not disclose, however, said that it is a question about how to use simultaneously several modern developments in this field, including — renewable energy sources, «cell-technology» innovative anodes for electrolytic materials and a special approach in the preparation of ore to the process of producing primary aluminum. «Our pilot project is designed to produce a small amount of the metal — about 70 thousand metric tons per year… However, this program means a lot to us, and if this experiment is successful, the products of our corporation will receive a substantial bonus in matters of competitiveness. And it is on the verge of a record overproduction of aluminum (with a consequent reduction in profitability of output) — the argument is certainly worthy of attention «- says his attitude to new technology management» Norsk Hydro «.

"Norsk Hydro ASA» — the company, the principal owner of which is the Government of Norway. The organization covers the two major industry segments — Steel (with a focus on the production of primary aluminum) and energy (including — oil and gas and electricity). Corporation was founded in 1905 and has now grown to a presence in 40 countries around the world, where under the guidance of the Norwegian managers employ about 23 thousand. Employees.

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