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Nickel giant returns to the field on the Norilsk-1 issue

Mining and Metallurgical Company «Norilsk Nickel» is not going to take positions to defend their interests in respect of the Taimyr deposits of copper, nickel and cobalt, «Norilsk-1». Despite the fact that the Moscow Arbitration Court has recently recognized the claims unfounded nickel giant, the company's lawyers continue to fight for the asset.

In particular, this week, representatives of the «Norilsk Nickel» sent a complaint to the appropriate authorities, which point to the illegality of the decision of the Moscow judges, failed Nickel Corporation in recognition of the results of the competition in the Taimyr mine void. «At this time the chance to defend the» Norilsk-1 «the corporation is much more as now to its appeal proceedings initiator added evidence that the right holder on resource extraction on these deposits shall be determined by the auction, but not» in the contest «as it was with the Taimyr mine «- commented the representatives of the» Norilsk Nickel «. «The complaint will be examined in the near future, and we believe that the truth is on our side» — add lawyers nickel corporation.

We recall that at the beginning of last summer, officials of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of Russia announced results of the competition, which was to determine the owner of the license to develop the southern part of the subsoil deposit «Norilsk-1». According to a special commission Rosnedra, winner of the Project was the only competitor, «Norilsk Nickel» in this issue — the company «Russian platinum» (more precisely, one of its subsidiaries — «Artel Amur»). «Norilsk Nickel» tried several times to appeal the decision, which addressed the allegations and requests in a number of instances. However, the final decision regarding the possession of the rights to production of non-ferrous metals and related resources on the Taimyr deposit (either in favor of the «Norilsk Nickel» is not in favor of «Artel», which is also trying to «knock» won the asset through the courts) has not been accepted. At present, more than 570 thous. Tons of nickel, 800 thous. Tons of copper, 20 thousand. Tonnes of cobalt, about 800 tonnes of selenium and tellurium, and more than 1 thousand tons of precious metals (PGMs and gold) are waiting in the wings in the depths of «orphan» section.

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