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Chinese manufacturers are rapidly increasing volume of nickel production

National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China summed up the work of the nickel industry in the country for the first 2 months of 2013. According to the records department specialists, nickel production level Chinese enterprises for the period (compared to an equivalent length of time in the last year) increased sharply. So in January-February 2012 at all facilities in China it produced 39,150 tons of this metal. And for the same period this year, China producers have already issued 105.7 thousand. Tonnes of nickel, which is about 170% more than last year's data.

Also noted in the Bureau that the main growth indicators in terms of nickel production in China was recorded in the 1st month of the reporting period (during the first 4 weeks in the country cast 54 thousand tons of the resource). February also showed a slowdown in the growth of production volumes of metal — to the level of 51.7 thousand tonnes… However, given that in 2013, for the period came the date of the celebration Chunjie (Chinese New Year — the main holiday in China, for which usually a country officially declared free from work «golden week»), this change in performance may indicate continued growth the rate of nickel production.

Recall: China — a key figure in the world market of non-ferrous metals nickel deliveries (state of this resource is the fifth largest producer countries, sharing the lead in a sector with Russia, Japan, Canada and Australia). In this case the active metal production and processing growth in China started only in the last two decades. Prior to that (at the end of the twentieth century) in the country annually produces no more than 30 thousand tons of resources. But already by 2004 the Middle Kingdom manufacturers have raised the bar to the level of 75 thousand. Tons, and by 2010 have increased nickel production to 350 thousand tons per year.

No less important position China occupies in the world ranking of nickel consumers: since 2009 China has shown record figures for metal purchases, ahead of these indicators Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, America and the European Union (former head of the list of leaders on consumption).

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