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Austrian businessmen expand spheres of influence in the special steel market

At that time, as the global steel industry counts losses caused another wave of the crisis, Austrian businessmen expanding portfolio of assets through the acquisition of companies with orientation towards steelmaking products with high added value. In particular, the owners of the international company «Voestalpine AG» (headquarters — Linz, Austria) take steps to search for and acquisition of assets in the field of special steel production in China, the United States and some European countries.

According to the «Voestalpine», expansion of spheres of influence in the market of special steels in the states listed above is implemented employees of the organization in the long-term program adopted by the management of Austrian corporation until 2020. According to the strategic plans of management in the next 7 years, the company is to increase the production of special grades of metal by 67%. «For our purposes we have already been selected 9 projects, among them — an American asset, two enterprises in Switzerland and 6 of the German companies involved in the production of interest to us» — share the progress in the implementation of project management software. «We are focused on promising markets: the energy sector and the sector of mobile communication devices, where in addition, according to estimates of our analysts will be able to earn annually (with the help of new assets) of about 50 million euros," — assured the representatives of the Austrian corporation.

Metallurgical company «Voestalpine» (until 2003 — «Eisenwerke Oberdonau») was organized in 1941. Today it is — the world's largest manufacturer of tool steels and special steels for heavy engineering and geological equipment, as well as one of the global market leaders in the production of high-speed steels, martensitic, austenitic, nickel-based heat-resistant (including — valve and turbine steel) formulations. The division of special steels company employs more than 12 thousand. Employees. The turnover of this division «Voestalpine» (according to the 2011/12 financial year) amounted to 2.945 billion euros.

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