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Avisma partner can connect to the production of titanium Tambov

Leaders of the Russian company «VSMPO-Avisma» does not exclude the probability that the titanium-zircon, rutile, ilmenite deposits «Central» (Tambov region), the company will produce not independently, but with the help of partners. «. If you need more than $ 300 million for the operation of the mine, we are ready to attract investors from outside» — commented the representatives Verkhnesaldinskoye Corporation. «Of course, there are other options: lacking funds we receive from the sale of shares under the Initial Public Offering. However, in the next 2−3 years of such events is not expected, «assured the journalists owners titanium monopoly.

Recall: the information appeared in the end of last month in the media that the owners of «VSMPO-Avisma» officially became the owners of the securities holding (99.86% of total portfolio) mining company «Titan» in the number of assets that includes the above-mentioned field. Prior to that, the license to develop the «central» resource owned by VSMPO indirectly — through participation in «Neftprominvest» the company's capital.

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