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Avisma will supply titanium to the US for medical devices

Russian Corporation «VSMPO-Avisma» will supply titanium «Orchid Orthopedic Solutions» American company to manufacture the implant components. For information about the event employees of the press center company published on Thursday, March 28 on its corporate website. «The vice-president of the American division Corporation (a subsidiary of» VSMPO-Tirus US, Inc «) — Andy McElwee — recently signed a contract with representatives of the medical company, in which VSMPO will ensure supply of products of titanium and its alloys for the needs of the implant manufacturer for 3 years «- said in a press release titanium corporation.

The site «VSMPO-Avisma» also reported that a new contract for titanium supply for the «Orchid Orthopedic Solutions» was signed by representatives of corporation on a thematic exhibition dedicated to orthopedics — exhibition «American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons», held in Chicago in the 20s Martha. «This year," Avisma «first presented their products certified for compliance to titanium, which is used for medical purposes. These were the pipe, sheet metal, as well as bars and plates of titanium, which could meet visitors of the exhibition «- commented on the range of VSMPO products stand at the Chicago event, representatives of the corporation.

Titanium — the metal that is most frequently used for medical purposes — for the manufacture of parts of prostheses, tools, bone fixators, implants and pieces of equipment. The reason that — a special, unique combination of material properties: it has an absolute resistance to corrosion without the magnet does not cause allergic reactions, capable of fusion of the bone (the so-called osseointegration), with lighter and stronger than other metals. Moreover, titanium is significantly lower cost price of its «noble» fellow — platinum, gold and silver have been used in medicine to its opening. According to statistics, only to be implanted around the world are currently used annually for more than 1 ths. Tons of titanium, and the level of consumption of this metal for the needs of medicine is growing every year.

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