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Aluminium hits record

Analysts IAI (International Aluminium Institute) — an international framework, which unites about 30 major producers of «winged» metal, collected statistical information and prepare a report on the February production of aluminum in the world. According to data released by the organization, globally 3.684 million. Tons of metal were made during the reporting period, which, when divided by the number of days in February (28) is 131 600 tons per day. «This figure — an absolute record for the first time recorded in the industry since the 70s of the last century, when the» International Aluminium Institute «started to record statistics in the sector," — say representatives of IAI.

Experts emphasize: «The growth of volumes of admission to the market," winged «metal was prone to jerk at the end of 2012». And clarify: «His previous record average daily production of aluminum delivered two months ago. Then the figure was almost 127 thousand tons. In February, as this result was taken by a margin of 3.5%. «

In addition to general figures on the world level the production of aluminum, the February report «International Aluminium Institute» also contains detailed information on individual market sectors — data on deliveries of the metal from the manufacturers by country. In particular, according to the IAI, February aluminum production in North America amounted to 385 thousand tons in the South -. 154, in Eastern and Central Europe — 323 thousand, West -. 266 in Asia (except China) — 196 thousand. in the region of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) — 284 thousand tons, in other countries, were not included in the report — 210 thousand tons.

A special place in this part of the report takes the statistics of the Chinese producers resource expert commentary on which read as follows: «The February aluminum production in China was 1.73 million tons… If, based on the average rate of China manufacturers showed record levels of metal release, summing up the daily amount of aluminum produced to the level of 61.8 thousand. Tons (8.5% more than their previous record, recorded in December last year). The share of China's aluminum producers in the world production figures for 2 months increased from 44.8% to 47%. «

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