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For the use of titanium GOK Ukraine in 2012, the tenant has paid 152 million

State Property Fund of Ukraine has released data on income in the treasury powers flows from the lease of titanium GOK country — «Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant» (Dnipropetrovsk region) and «Irshansk State Mining and Processing Plant» (Zhytomyr region) over the past year. This is 152.17 million hryvnia, of which 69.44 million. Paid as repayment of old debts for the lease of enterprises to private joint-stock company «Crimean Titan». In particular, for the use of assets «Volnogorsk GGMK» tenant — «Ostchem Germany GmbH» Dmitry Firtash — paid 104.99 million hryvnia, 50.21 million of which was the amount of debt repayment… And the rent «Irshansk GGZK» — 47.18 million (including — to pay off old debts in the amount of 19.23 million hryvnia.).

Recall: the structure of a businessman Dmitry Firtash (indirectly — through the company «Crimean Titan," which he then owned half of the securities portfolio) both of the above mentioned lease assets since 2004. Upon the expiry of the first lease of enterprises (in year 2009), the State Property Fund refused to extend cooperation to the «Crimean Titan». However, the lessee has initiated a series of trials with the agency, during which the parties were trying to prove to each other their case until the beginning of last year, when the conflict was finally resolved. Meanwhile, during the showdown between the State Property Fund and the «Crimean Titan», the tenant accumulated debts to the state, which (as a result of the purchase Firtash structures other half stake «CT» in December 2012) officially went «Ostchem Germany GmbH» in full volume.

Previously, non-ferrous metal market analysts have repeatedly published in the media information about that in Ukraine there are all conditions for an effective, profitable enterprise for the production of metallic titanium, zirconium, hafnium and other resources produced from zircon, rutile, ilmenite ores. Products using these elements demanded in rocket production, nuclear power, aircraft manufacture and have a high added value. However, today the lion's share of the precious raw material is exported to the zero stage of processing (or in the best case — a slightly more expensive titanium dioxide).

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