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In the Voronezh Duma adopted a draft memorandum of nickel

This week in the Voronezh Regional Duma held a regular meeting of the Public Council, which controls the nickel mining issue at Elkinskom and Elan mines. The main thesis of the event was: «The development of nickel deposits in the area Novokhopersk — issue of national importance. However, in the foreground in the situation it appears ecology edge. «

I chaired the meeting of the Board Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, geologist, Professor Nikolai Mikhailovich Chernyshev. The opposite side of the «front» at the event (for the first time in the history of the conflict), presented the deputy director of UMMC («Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company» — the winner of the competition for the right to develop nickel deposits mentioned above) Evgeny Bragin. The main result achieved by the participants — the creation of the «Memorandum of Understanding» — the agreement resulting from the search of a compromise solution between the supporters and opponents of the development of nickel deposits of the Voronezh region. As mentioned above, this is a preliminary list of agreements. Final version of the document will be adopted at the next meeting of the Public Council, scheduled for March 1 this year.

In particular, the draft «Memorandum nickel» includes a number of provisions in which the parties recognize implicit priority in the use of land Novohopersk ecological situation in the region, which should not deteriorate under any circumstances. In this regard, an agreement was reached that UMMC will not carry out any activity that might threaten the nature of the site and its surrounding areas Voronezh deposits.

At the same time at a meeting of the opposition «developers» to accept the fact the need for further exploration Novohopersk nickel deposits. «We must allow geologists to their work, otherwise (in terms of benefit to the regional economy) Implications for the field will be extremely negative» — ​​voiced his attitude to the dialogue, the President of the Public Council.

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