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The Tajik aluminum company commented on the reduction of production

Officials TALCO (Tajik Aluminum Company) disclosed the reasons for reducing the volume of production of primary aluminum at the facilities of the company in 2012. For comments on this subject made by the head of information-analytical department of the corporation Igor Sattorov. According to him, the reasons for the decline in production at the aluminum company had a few. But chief among them — says a representative of TALCO — reducing metal quotations on the world market.

In particular, Mr. Sattorov said: «Our analysts foresee a deterioration in profitability of aluminum production at the beginning of last year. And, unfortunately, their predictions come true — in the LME price of primary metal in the past 12 months ranged between 1.79 and 2.2 thousand US dollars per ton… In addition, we are faced with rising costs of raw materials and an increase in the cost of transport services «soared» by + 125%. As a result, the price of a ton of aluminum production has grown nearly 400 USD, which, given the last quotation of the year, has reduced the profitability of the plant to the highly undesirable marks. «

The State Unitary Enterprise TALCO (Tajikistan, Hissar valley, the city of Tursunzade) — the only aluminum producer in Central Asia. The enterprise was established in 2007 on the basis of constructed in the days of the Soviet Union «TadAz» plant (Tajik aluminum zd).

Most of the production of «Tajik Aluminum Company» (except for 2−3% of the total volume) sold to foreign buyers. This corporation production facilities are designed to produce 517,000 tons of aluminum a year, but after the collapse of the USSR the factory produced only slightly more than half of this amount. In 2012, the year the company will supply 272 thousand tons of metal. This is 3% less than the planned level management and 2% below the bar before last (2011 th) year. It is noteworthy that in the last month, the government of the republic announced its intention to restructure the monopoly by changing the shape of her property to the GUP (State Unitary Enterprise) at JSC (Joint Stock Company), in which 100% of the shares will belong to the state.

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