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Udokan copper is not to change the owner

Representatives of the largest iron ore company in the CIS — Management Company «Metalloinvest» — denied the rumors about the imminent change of ownership Udokan copper deposit. «Preliminary negotiations that we had with some potential buyers, were not of an official nature," — commented on the current situation in the press center of «Metalloinvest», which is today the owner of the copper asset.

Udokan — this is one of the top five places clusters of copper ore in the world. It is located in the Kalar area of ​​Trans-Baikal Region, twenty kilometers from the famous Baikal-Amur Mainline (near the station of New Chara). In recalculation on the pure metal in the depths of the site (according to various sources) contains from 14.5 to 26 mln. Tons of copper. On the basis of the mine is planned to create a powerful enrichment and production complex for the production of copper rod, copper cathodes and associated extraction of the resource of precious metals (gold and silver).

It speaks described deposit is one of the subsidiaries of «Metalloinvest», which, in turn, is the management company for the iron ore and steel business billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

Recently, the media reported that the leadership of the state corporation «Rostec» (working with the management of «Metalloinvest» on the project of development of Udokan copper), negotiated the sale of the license to develop the mine company «Norilsk Nickel». Also — it said in an informal report on the event — a speech at a business meeting of the parties was conducted on the exchange of rights to the extraction of copper on a non-controlling stake in «Norilsk Nickel».

Refuting rumors that the real owner of the copper mine planned for the near future asset alienation in the «Metalloinvest» claim «under discussion in the media costs (allegedly already agreed) the transaction price is significantly lower, which may provide for Udokansky resources into reality.» «In addition, to get rid of mine from our branch is not necessary. «Baikal Mining Company» (which officially belongs license) fully comply with the conditions of ownership for extraction rights, and even managed to enlist the prior consent of «Vnesheconombank» on major finance revenue for projects in the Trans-Baikal region, «- stressed the representative of» Metalloinvest «of the Criminal Code.

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