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RUSAL will take up aluminum mines of the Sverdlovsk region

OK «Rusal» will be taken for the restoration of ore mining industry for aluminum production in the Sverdlovsk region. The journalists reported the press-center of the governor of the region — Eugene Kuyvasheva, visited last week on a business trip a number of enterprises in the region. «Guide OK» Rusal «plans to invest in the development of the mines of the Sverdlovsk region, and the first results from these investments will be felt the edge of the residents in the current year» — said representatives of the mining head of the regional administration in the course of his working trip.

In particular, Mr. Kuyvashev visited Ivdelsky and Severouralsk urban districts CO, where he held business meetings with representatives of the mining companies resources. The governor informed his interlocutors about the nearest plans of management of «Russian Aluminum», according to which the owners of the companies are planning to in the near future to invest in the development of bauxite mining in the region of 5.4 billion rubles. Investors' money will be invested into the development of new mines in mining in the north of the region, in support of existing producing assets and infrastructure of settlements adjacent to the places of production of ore for aluminum production.

One of the first projects that the management of the Sverdlovsk region implements parallel with «Rusal» — the construction of the mine «Cheremukhovskoye-deep» on the basis of the enterprise «Sevuralboksitruda» in Severouralsk. Its depth is one and a half thousand meters, 90% of which will be completed later this year. At the same time, in the 2014th will mine the first batch of aluminum ore (orientirovochno1,2 mln. Tons), and after 3 years after the launch of the facility from the depths of the site will be removed about 2 million. Tons of valuable resource.

OK «Rusal» (the combined company «Russian Aluminium») — one of the most powerful operators of the global aluminum market. In addition to the «winged metal», at the facilities of the organization produces the raw material for the production of white synthetic corundum, metallurgical gallium, silicon (for AlSi alloy grades), and carried out production of several kinds of products of high value added of the resources listed above.

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