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stainless steel market players are positive

Players of the global stainless steel market are in a good mood: everything indicates that the marked revival in consumer demand for corrosion-resistant metal is not far off. Experts say the sector (albeit not very significant) increase in the volume of purchases (for the majority of the market of the Member States) and the positive vectors quotations expensive alloying elements, provoking stainless metal producers to review their own price lists.

In particular, the price of nickel (after the «long-playing» the peak from February to August 2012, and «jumps», observed since the autumn to early winter), with the 20th number of the current month, steadily moving upwards, showing a pronounced amplitude. According to the London Metal Exchange for the time value of the metal has increased from 17 380 US dollars per ton to the level of 18 615 USD. For this behavior of nickel prices of stainless steel producers immediately responded, holding the right table of allowances, and even the base cost of the metal. Because of changes in prices for February (back in the 20s of last month) said in AK Steel Holding (US) by screwing aid for 1.2−2%, and Aperam (also in January) announced an increase in the cost of the stainless steel base on 2- th month (though only slightly — by an average of 50 euros per tonne). Company Yieh United Steel — In February, the new prices of the Taiwanese manufacturer of stainless steel have been made public. Goods of this producer in the coming month rose by about the same number (from 1000 to 2000 Taiwan dollars per ton — depending on the type of metal).

In addition to the above factors, the positive mood of the market operators and special steels that these expectations are not unfounded, says a number of recent developments in the sector. This announcement of the monthly growth in exports of stainless steel in Russia, for the first time — in December — after the year 2008 crisis crossed the bar at 1000 tons. And the intentions of many manufacturers to increase production of rolled (as recently reported by Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group, Taigang, and other market participants). And of course, the view of analysts, prorochaschih speedy restoration of economic prosperity in the world.

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