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The largest producer of stainless steel asks a loan

The world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel — the German company «ThyssenKrupp» — put into circulation debt securities in the amount of € 1.25 billion. This is only part of the planned borrowing program owners, a common outcome of which will be to attract credit funds amounting to 10 billion EUR.

Features lead managers in the transaction «ThyssenKrupp» with creditors will perform several well-known international financial institutions. This «Citigroup» (primary dealer of securities of the US Treasury), «BayernLB or Bayerische Landesbank» (Bavarian State Bank), «UniCredit Bank» (the largest international banking network with its headquarters in Italy) and «HSBC Holdings plc» (the largest in Europe (by market capitalization) the financial conglomerate with its head office in London).

Bonds issued by the «ThyssenKrupp» owners will be active for five and a half years. The value of securities is determined in the amount of 1,000 euros per unit issue price at a level at 99.68% of face value. Fixed income assets to nominal (coupon profit) will be 4%. «Using proven to attract finance scheme, we can use the current market situation with the maximum benefit for the organization," — commented on the action of management officials from industrial concern.

«ThyssenKrupp» — a diversified company operating in more than 20 different business segments in many countries of the world. In particular, the concern includes companies for the production of non-ferrous metals, tinplate, stainless steel and other special steels (first place in the world's total), as well as production companies for the production of elevator and escalator equipment, welding machines, automotive parts and large assemblies to several industries. In addition, among the assets of the German company has a manufacturer of rolling bearings («Rothe Erde»), shipbuilding complex (company «Nordseewerke» and «Blohm + Voss») and other units.

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