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China has reduced the volume of foreign trade in stainless metal

The association of Chinese producers of special steels (SSEAC) summed up the results of foreign trade activities of the state on the corrosion-resistant metal in the past year. As it turned out, during the reporting period the volume of imports of stainless steel in the country significantly reduced: for 12 months on the territory of the PRC was imported 772 thousand tons of rolled products in this category, which is 14% less than in 2011… At the same time, reduced shipping stainless steel domestic production to foreign buyers: Chinese exports compared with last year's figures dropped by 8% to 2.1 million tonnes.

In addition to data on foreign trade of stainless steel, in SSEAC published statistics on the volume of production in the PRC. According to this information, the metallurgists of the country over the past year made 16.1 million. Tons of corrosion-resistant steel alloy, which is 14% more than the 2011 figures. Around the same proportion (16%) and increased apparent consumption (apparent consumption) of stainless steel in the country -. From 11.1 million tons in 2011 to 12.9 million in the past.

Non-ferrous metal market analysts believe that in the current year on the consumption of stainless steel indicators of the dynamics of growth in China will maintain a decent pace. In particular, for the first half of the experts referred to in the forecasts the numbers in a corridor between 12 — 15% increase to the data of 2012. At the same time — according to analysts — merchants begin to feel a noticeable recovery in the sector immediately after the end of the Chinese New Year holidays.

To meet the growing demand of the domestic market in China for stainless steel metal in the country is planned to put into operation a number of new facilities for the production of special steels. Due to the launch of additional lines (including — shops under construction for several years Fuxin plant for the production of hot rolled products), the Government expects to increase annual production volumes of stainless steel, at least 1.4 million tons, accounting for about 9% of the current opportunities metallurgical industry of the republic.

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