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MMC Norilsk Nickel is suspected of stealing copper

Representatives of the «Rosrezerva» (Department of state reserves management Russian) suspect management Mining and Metallurgical Company «Norilsk Nickel» in bad faith with respect to the State Property adopted by the Corporation for storage. It is a copper-bearing ores, belonging to the state and stored in warehouses MMC. The reason was the results of mistrust department inspection «Norilsk Nickel» warehouses organized (on the initiative Rosrezerva) employees of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Research Institute of Geology AP Karpinski.» It is this commission has identified the shortage of copper raw materials in the bins Norilsk corporations, as representatives of the audit team immediately reported to the audit client.

Information related to the proceedings on the «copper business» parties to the conflict were not disclosed. As representatives of the «Norilsk Nickel» and employees «Rosrezerva», referring to «state secret», refusing to comment on the missing volumes of raw materials, however, leaked information about the amount of the claim to the state structure of MMC in Russian media. According to unconfirmed data officially, we are talking about 4 billion rubles.

Now the question of losses «the state» of copper in warehouses of «Norilsk nickel» is waiting for the trial to be held on February 26, 2013. Accused of stealing ferrous metal side of the fact of shortage of raw materials does not recognize, saying that the method of study of stocks, the Commission applied research institutes, could not show the actual figures on the quality and quantity of copper-bearing ore mentioned above. In this regard, the management of «Norilsk Nickel» has asked the Russian government for assistance in re-examination stored in warehouses MMC copper. In response to this request, the President of Russia — Vladimir Putin — instructed to monitor the situation with the theft of non-ferrous metal Igor Shuvalov — first deputy Chairman of the Government of the country.

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