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Evrazrudy fined for pollution of farmland copper, zinc and arsenic

One of the subsidiaries of «Evraz Group SA» — the company «Evrazruda» — filed a claim for pollution of land for agricultural purposes by industrial waste is unacceptable concentrations of copper, zinc and arsenic.

In particular, the company accused of environmental crimes serve a special unit Novokuznetsk prosecutor's office in charge of environmental activities in the region. They found that the management Abagurskom concentrator (part of OJSC «Evrazruda») in the past year has admitted dumping industrial waste in the surrounding area, causing more than 20 000 square meters of land of agricultural destination have been contaminated with heavy metals and metalloids. Employees structure revealed presence of fertile soil layers in the area of ​​waste discharge excess arsenic (+ 460% of normal), zinc (+ 100%) and copper (520% more than the allowable concentration). The damage to the edge of lands, environmental officers Prosecutor of Russia (with the assistance of the local branch of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) estimated at 49 million rubles.

In connection with the situation, the leadership of «Evrazruda» was put forward the claim, according to which the perpetrator must compensate the damage caused by environmental edge. Novokuznetsk Central District Court found these claims valid and ordered the factory owners to pay the municipal district of the required amount of the plaintiff. It is known that 20% of the total amount of the fine the defendant paid without waiting for an official decision on the matter.

JSC «Evrazruda» — one of the many companies, «Evraz Group» structure, whose majority shareholders are businessmen Igor Kolomoisky, Alexander Frolov, Alexander Abramov and (with the largest share in the asset) Abramovich. The main activities of the group — steel production and production of raw materials for its own steelmaking capacity (mostly — iron ore, coal and coke). In addition, «Evraz Group SA» include assets for the production of alloys and chemical products on the basis of titanium and vanadium (as well as the direction and steel group, which occupy in their respective business sectors — at the global level — one of the leading positions).

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