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EU anti-dumping measures may extend to Russian producers of ferroalloys

«Russian producers of ferroalloys may suffer the same fate as their colleagues from Kazakhstan and Egypt — the extension of the resolution on the additional tax on importation of their products to the EU» — writes an international provider of financial news, «by Bloomberg," the New York agency. «The European Union has initiated an investigation, during which will be checked by the supply of some of the alloying elements of Russian companies in Europe on the subject of dumping. And if the facts of underpricing will be revealed, EU regulators will increase the duties on imports of ferro-alloys from Russia for 5 years «- said in a statement the US news. «Together with the Russian producers, checks to» fair competition «will be held Chinese suppliers of additives in alloys, which, upon detection of dumping would be taken the same measures» — writes «Bloomberg».

We recall that the European Union considered the feasibility of introducing an additional tax on the import of ferroalloys from Russia, China, Egypt, Macedonia and Kazakhstan at the end of 2006. The investigation initiated by the filing «Ferroatlantica SL», was to last 9 months. However, the final decision on the issue (and it was positive) was made only in early 2008. Then, the EU decided to charge each batch of ferro-alloys of the above states tax of between 5.4% (for Macedonia) to 33.9% (Kazakhstan). Then Egyptian suppliers have got 18% duty, while Russia and China have made allowances (respectively) 18 and 22.7% of the value of each batch of products.

A few years later, the anti-dumping measures for Kazakhstan and Egypt were extended. On Friday, March 1, 2013 shall expire existing additional tax on Russian and Chinese resource imports. However, the governing bodies of the EU decided to conduct a further investigation into the pricing policy of these players, which will last until the summer of next year.

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