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Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant is operating normally

Despite the «meteor attack» partially destroyed one of the buildings of JSC «CZP» (CZP), work at a metallurgical plant is not stopped — according to representatives of the organization. «The shock wave knocked out windows in several infrastructure areas of the plant and partly destroyed the storage building from the Sverdlovsk tract. Apart from a few employees with scratches from broken glass and bruises, others affected in the enterprise is not «- he said in an interview with journalists, one of the managers» CZP «- Yevgeniy Ponomarev. «None of what environmental threat we are not talking, warehouse building is restored, work by the usual scenario» — said the representative of the Chelyabinsk plant.

OJSC «Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant» — the largest operator of the Russian market of non-ferrous metals (it accounts for more than half the total production of Zn in the country) and one of the most important suppliers of refined resource and its alloys in the global market (about 2%). On the basis of the enterprise carried out a complete production cycle of the zinc from the extraction and refining of ores — end up melting of metal products (pure Zn with a concentration of 99.995% and its alloys).

On Friday, February 15, around 9 hours and 20 minutes in the morning local time, the inhabitants of several regions of Russia and Kazakhstan have seen the fall of the meteorite, swept across the sky at a speed of 30−70 kilometers per second. The phenomenon was accompanied by bright flashes of light and a series of explosions, wave upon which the houses were broken glass in some areas of the cities of the Southern Urals, is in the immediate vicinity of the path of the car flying. Fortunately, serious casualties and damage phenomenon is not caused.

Analysts of the market of non-ferrous metals, watching the fluctuation of the price of zinc on the stock exchanges in the day state of emergency at the Chelyabinsk plant, marked a slight jump resource quotations (within one and a half per cent towards a rise in price). In addition, at the very end of the week has changed the price of shares of JSC «CZP» (this time we are talking about the negative dynamics of quotations on the Moscow and London stock exchanges — in the range 1.5−1.9%).

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