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Titanium industry in Ukraine sums up last year

Ukrainian analysts summed up the work of titanium industry in the country over the past year. According to statistics, during the reporting period in the state it produced 145.64 thousand tons of titanium dioxide. This figure is 5.3% less than last year's results, when the results of 12 months of Ukrainian manufacturers produced more than 153.8 tons of the product.

Experts emphasize that negative trend showed the two major operators titanium market of Ukraine. «Sumykhimprom» reduced production volumes dioxide by almost 13% (from 45 thousand tons in 2011 to the year to 39.3 in the past.), And the «Crimean Titan» — by 2.2% (to 108.7 thousand tons to 106.3 thousand.). Analysts also note that the highest price for the Ukrainian titanium dioxide production last year was recorded in the first month of spring, and the most active foreign buyers of products shown at the beginning of the summer.

In the depths of Ukraine (according to the Institute of Geological Sciences of NASU) contains about 1/5 of world reserves of titanium. However, the titanium industry in the country is underdeveloped (a huge part of the resource is exported out of the country in the form of raw materials — cheap ilmenite concentrate and dioxide). At the same time on the international market share of Ukrainian titanium dioxide producers ranges from 3% of the total, while the global market for high value added products (titanium metal and products made of alloys) and the country does not appear.

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