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The Russian office of ThyssenKrupp in 2012 to consider stainless prosperous sector

In the Russian office of the German steel company ThyssenKrupp business outcomes in the past year (especially — with respect to stainless sector) is considered positive. This Representatives group from Germany told colleagues in an open meeting of the Council of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers (RSPM), held recently in the capital of Russia. «In 2012, we okryli office in Novosibirsk, improved their positions in the Sverdlovsk region and the Central Federal District. The level of non-corrosive metal sales for the full year in our company reaches 8500 tons, which can be considered a good result, «- shared information with the participants of the meeting of speakers from ThyssenKrupp.

Also, representatives of the German company noted that with respect to the coming year (as well as with respect to the next few years) for the stainless steel business in Russia prospects will not be less positive. «Interest in the doped metals in the country will soon grow rapidly, as local consumption volumes steel in this category significantly behind the average data for the other countries of the world with the same level of development. Our analysts forecast on the Russian market of special metal marks a 15% increase in the level of consumption per year — and this is a good catalyst for the development of stainless direction «- reported to the Board, the meeting RSPM representing the Russian division of ThyssenKrupp.

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