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In the new year the stainless steel market will slowly move towards recovery

In the upcoming 2013, the year of waiting for the full restoration of the stainless steel market is not — according to specialists of the analytical Office MEPS (Britain). According to company experts, the trend next 12 months for the sector of corrosion resistant metal are only slightly different from the dynamics of this year: positive changes will occur, but their nature can not be called radical.

The most significant — according to analysts MEPS — there will be changes in the markets of emerging economies. In particular, a significant recovery in production waiting for India and China. But for producers of stainless steel in North America and Europe there is a positive dynamics in the statistics if they will take place, it will be barely noticeable — think the British agency. The reason for that — the changes in the fiscal policy of the United States, recently announced by the Government of the country, as well as the ongoing «sovereign debt crisis» in European countries that fulfill the function inhibitor in the stainless industry recovery.

In addition to these forecasts, MEPS experts released their own expectations regarding the dynamics of the cost of the stainless steel in the new year. According to them, consumers should be prepared to increase allowances for the alloying elements, which is dictated by higher nickel prices corridor (presumably — in the range of 17 to 21 thousand dollars per ton.). It is also possible (though less likely) a long-term increase in the base cost of the metal in this category — believe in the British agency.

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