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In the Murmansk region to build plant for processing of titanium ore and rare earth

The Murmansk region is planned to build a complex for the enrichment and processing of titanium raw materials and ores containing REM (rare earth metals, including — zirconium, tantalum, hafnium and niobium). The company will work on the basis of the mine, located in the municipal district of the city Polar Zori (Afrikanda village). While the construction time of the object is not known, but it is known that the preparation of the plant project will be completed by the end of the coming year, then — promise the company's representatives, the curator of construction — it will be possible to talk about the start of preparatory work.

The project, which is headed by Russian company OOO SGK «Arkmineral» will be implemented in several stages. «First of all, we plan to build a mine to production CaTiO3 concentrate (calcium titanate — perovskite)» — commented on the current situation chairman of the board of directors — Andrew Trenin. «The second stage — the construction of buildings and processing complex for the production of products of higher added — titanium dioxide and rare earth metals," — said the representative of «Arkminerala».

To implement the project organizers will draw about 8 billion rubles, which -. According to experts, to calculate the profitability of production, will be repaid in 8 years. «The main source of finance for the construction of GOK will be borrowed funds, for which it is currently negotiating with the management of» Vnesheconombank «- report representatives of SGK» Arkmineral «.

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