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In ISSF statistics prepared for the stainless steel sector for the III quarter

Analysts International Stainless Steel Forum (International Forum on stainless steel — ISSF) published statistics for the market of corrosion-resistant metals for the III quarter of the year. According to this information, early forecasts of experts confirmed: a record mark of 2011 on the level of production of stainless steel (yet — only relative to the period from January to September) this year is overcome. In the world for this period of time smelted 26.1 million. Tons of steel this category (which is almost 700 thousand. Tonnes more than last year over the same period).

We recall that the volume of global indicators in stainless steel production in 2012, the year will beat last year's record, analysts said ISSF 6 more months ago (despite the negative vectors sector statistics in the 1st quarter). «In the past (2011th), the globally was produced 32.1 million tons of stainless steel. This has improved the data of 2010 to 3.3%. This year the positive dynamics in the performance continues, and it will happen due to improved consumer demand, catalyzed reduction of inventory «- wrote specialized media in June this year, citing predictions ISSF experts.

As for the «fresh» statistics from the International Stainless Steel Forum, the positive developments of the first three quarters of this year, is not specific to all countries. In particular, Eastern Europe and America decreased somewhat corrosive metal production (by 5.5% and 10.6%, respectively). Producers of Africa, Western Europe and Asia (except China) almost «trampled on the ground» (improving last year's figure of less than 1%). And «pulled» the statistics sector leader — China, having increased the number of stainless steel produced by 7.9%.

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