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The participants of the November protests against the development of Voronezh nickel mines justified

On Tuesday, December 11 at the city of Voronezh Magistrate's Court held a hearing on the case of three members antinikelevoy shares held in the region in early November of this year. Due to lack of evidence, all the accused were acquitted.

We recall that a little over a month ago, police arrested citizens of the city of Voronezh Sergey Voinov, Sergei Tkachenko and Olga Azarnyh participating in legalized procession on the occasion of National Unity Day. «Troublemaker» incriminated «mismatch theme of the meeting»: the detainees, in contrast to the rest of the shares, held posters with inscriptions on the protection of nickel Chernozemya vandalism. However, the court found that the relative part 5 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (as it is on this paragraph accused demonstrators) in the actions of the group were not violations of the law. «Each member of the» law «of the meeting has the right to use any symbols that do not contradict the current legislation," — commented the lawyer of one of the accused — Olga Gnezdilova. «Therefore, this process is only explicitly traced the attempt of the city authorities to put pressure on those who try to prevent the extraction of nickel in the Voronezh region» — added the defender ekoaktivistov.

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