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In Titanium Valley already has a third of the residents; however, not yet "on paper"

In the Special Economic Zone «Titanium Valley» is already agreement on cooperation with the 1/3 of the total number of companies that project organizers plan to attract as residents of the industrial site. True, yet not all of them met due in such cases the formalities. This is the media said the head of the Criminal Code «Titanium Valley» Artemy Kyzlasov at a briefing for journalists project initiated in the last working days in 2012. «Now about ten future SEZ residents agree on a package of documentation to legitimize our relationship. They are at different stages of the process, and we can not call the names of those who have not yet reached the final in this matter «- shared information with the interviewers general manager of the management company.

Earlier (closer to the start of the project) in the Russian media reported that the «special zone» the government of the Sverdlovsk region plans to attract 50−65 resident companies. However, in the above-mentioned briefing Mr. Kyzlasov significantly corrected the final numeral. «Target for the» Titanium Valley «- the 35 member organizations of the project. These figures are typical for existing in our country areas with economic preferences, as well as for existing foreign industrial parks, «- said General Director of the management company in its pre-New Year interview with representatives of the» fourth power «.

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