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Titanium Russian stocks sell at the beginning of 2013

State-owned shares «VSMPO-AVISMA» — the world's largest manufacturer of titanium and its alloys — become the property of the new owners in the beginning of next year. «We expect FAS approval, after which the transaction will be closed. It will happen, most likely in January of the coming year «- commented the decision on dates with reprivatization Mikhail Voevodin — the current CEO of the titanium corporation and one of its future owners.

Also the head of VSMPO portfolio implemented by «Russian Technologies» assets be divided between several shareholders. This is Alex Mindlin, who is in the company as head of the Department of Economics and Finance, Dmitry Sannikov, head of the accounting department «Avisma» Artem Kislichenko — Director of Corporate Affairs and Michael Cloth (head of the company «Prominvest» — the investment branch of «Russian Technologies»).

As previously reported, the official owner of the package of assets titanium monopoly becomes an offshore company Nordcom, specially created for the shareholders listed above this transaction. According to recent data of Russian media buyer will pay for each security Verkhnesaldinskoye Corporation for USD 187 per share — a price that takes into account the 16 per cent premium to the current market price. As before, the company will be redeemed on borrowed funds; collateral for the loan will be redeemed shares themselves.

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