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Taiwanese steelmakers will not adjust the price lists on stainless steel

Taiwanese manufacturer of stainless steel — Company YUSCO (Yieh United Steel Corporation) — in December to leave prices for the products of the steel resistant to corrosion November level. This (referring to sources in the corporation) reported its audience profile local media. According to this report, the cost of the largest stainless steel producer in Taiwan will not change in the last months of the year, either for internal clients YUSCO, or for overseas buyers. «The employees of the marketing department analyzed the current situation on the world market of stainless steel: the preconditions for changes in the price tags do not have» — ​​commented the decision of management representatives Yieh United Steel Corporation.

Recall that in the last month of autumn Taiwanese manufacturer of stainless steel vary slightly the price of their products upward. 30 USD for the same amount (at current exchange rates — - about the same amount) So before per ton, and for exporters offensive in November representatives YUSCO metal price increase announced for local customers by 1000 TWD (New Taiwan Dollars). Once a month earlier (in late September) prices Yieh United Steel Corporation variety 155−200 US dollars per ton. Then the cost of such a change in producer prices explained the jump in the alloying elements, which, as it turned out, had only a short-term nature.

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