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Norilsk Nickel will pay $ 10 billion. Dividend

Mining and Metallurgical Company (MMC), «Norilsk Nickel» in the next 3 years to pay out to shareholders as dividends amounting to about 10 billion. US dollars. It is about this figure (fixed size) have agreed the main owners of the company — OK «Rusal» Oleg Deripaska and CJSC HC «Interros» Vladimir Potanin — to neutralize the conflict that broke out between majority owners of 4 years ago.

Recall that one of the factors that catalyze the differences between Potanin and Deripaska, was previously the amount of dividends paid to «Norilsk Nickel» shareholders. Since 2002, this budget line the company was spending about 20−25% of IFRS net income. The owners OK «Rusal» experiencing difficulties with the repayment of its own loans (currently outstanding organization in excess of $ 10.5 billion.), Insisted on the increase the size of payments, however, «Interros» this proposal is not supported.

Now the shareholders of «Norilsk nickel» have agreed on such a scale of dividends, which can not only help to relieve the debt burden of «Rusal» interest, but also enable the company to Deripaska to repay the lion's share of the credit. However, the above-mentioned 10 billion -. The amount significantly in excess of the expected return of «Norilsk nickel» on the 3-year period (projected — $ 6.5 billion.). Therefore, analysts say the investment market, MMC will not only reduce capital costs, but also to include in the program means of dividend payments from the sale of the stake in Nickel Corporation company Millhouse Capital Roman Abramovich (this is about $ 2 billion.), As well as money from the expected realization belonging to the «Norilsk Nickel» assets «Inter RAO» (about $ 1milliarda).

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