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The question of the right to develop nickel deposits of Norilsk-1 is not yet closed

The question of what exactly the company will exploit the subsoil nickel mine «Norilsk-1» is not yet closed. The reason for that — the recognition of the Russian Federation Government's decision of the competition committee, which determined the «Russian platinum» winner in the confrontation with MMC «Norilsk Nickel» for the rights of the asset are invalid.

Recall that this summer Rosnedra held a contest, which was a lot of the license for mining operations at the site, «Norilsk-1» — one of Russia's largest deposits of precious and nonferrous metals. Competition Commission recognized the proposal «Russian Platinum» for the development of resources of the object more interesting than its competitor — «Norilsk Nickel». However, representatives of the losing side of the contest sought protection of their own interests in a number of instances (including — in the country's Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the State), where the arguments of employees of MMC were studied and analyzed. In some instances it took the side of «Norilsk Nickel» and sent to the appropriate request to the Government of the Russian Federation, with the result that the decision of the organizers of the competition were reviewed.

will be auctioned next step in dealing with the further destiny of nickel deposit — say market analysts. And under such circumstances the chances of the «Russian platinum» (compared with much better off financially, «Norilsk Nickel») is not a lot.

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